Milligram Balance; A&D FX-200i

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Milligram Balance; A&D FX-200i

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Protective Cover [+$14.99]
USB Interface w/Cable (factory installed) [+$75.59]
Built-in Rechargeable Battery (factory installed) [+$282.10]
NOTE: USB &/or Battery are factory installed & can NOT be combined. Only choose one of those two options above
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Milligram Balance; A&D FX-200i (220g. x 1.0mg.)


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Item #:A&DMODELFX-200i
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Milligram Balance; A&D® FX-200i

220g. x 1.0mg.

(External Calibration Only)

5.12" Diameter Pan

A&D® FX-i Specifications CLICK HERE

A&D® FX-i Operation Manual CLICK HERE

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220 grams x 0.001 grams


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