Intelligent Weighing® XM 60 Moisture Analyzer

124g. x 1.0mg.   (Moisture Accuracy: 0.01g. %)

3.54" DIAMETER Weigh Pan

Intelligent Weighing® 'XM' Moisture Analysis BROCHURE CLICK HERE


Key Features: • Force Compensation by Precisa® • Three and Four-Place Readability • Key-Select™ Single Log Press for Reporting • Program and Store up to 20-Methods • Choice of Resolution for Specific Applications • Programmable Intervals • Available with Halogen, Infrared or Metal heater (glass free) • RS-232 Connectivity • Made in Switzerland • Pan Size: 3.54"

Manufacturer Notes:

The Laboratory Superior Standard XM 60 Series moisture balances were designed for everyday high throughput use in the analytical or quality control lab, supporting established product or material manufacturing. The XM series is available in moderate resolution (XM 60 – 0.001g. (1.0mg.), 0.01% moisture) or high resolution (XM 60-HR 0.1mg., 0.001% moisture). Both versions also offer a choice of heating options (Halogen, Infrared, or glass-free Metal) – to best match the production applications, sample needs, and FDA/HACCP requirements.

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