Intelligent Weighing® LS-320A SCS Analytical Balance

320g. x 0.1mg.  |  Includes INTERNAL CALIBRATION  |  3.15" Diameter Pan  

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Key Features: • Force Compensation By Precisa® • Vacuum Fluorescent Display • User-Defined Settings • SCS Self-Calibration System • RS-232 / USB Interface

Manufacturer Notes:

The LS models are finely honed to offer precision results, yet built to withstand tough conditions in industrial applications, with a high degree of protection from mechanical and electrical interference. The strikingly brilliant vacuum fluorescent display and intuitive keypad prompts offer simple navigation, even in harsh lighting conditions. The Precisa® LS range also offers high weighing ranges to 0.1mg resolution.

The LS Series offers a high degree of protection against mechanical and electrical interference and operates with the highest levels of precision. The technology used can also be easily and economically repaired by qualified service technicians.

The easy to use programmable menu allows you to quickly set up the balance to your exact requirements, for instance, language (English French or German), weighing, counting, print formats, password protection and anti-theft code.

The SCS developed by Precisa® allows truly automatic calibration. This function can be temperature and/or timer programmed so you always have a precisely calibrated instrument when you need it. (GLP/GMP Compliant)

Data is easily transferred to systems such as LIMS via a USB or RS 232 interface. A date and time stamp keeps you in control in regulated environments (GLP/GMP Compliant)

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