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1) "Who & What is DISCOUNTscales.COM?

Answer #1:  DISCOUNTscales.COM is operated by San Diego Scale Company. in San Diego, California.

San Diego Scale Co. was established in 1929, & our Internet presence began in 1994.
** San Diego Scale Co.'s Dun & Bradstreet® listing: #: 05-284-0576 **

Back in 1994, virtually all our customers were the very few who actually had access to the World Wide Web. (for example, high-tech companies, hospitals, & universities) Of course, times have changed significantly since then. However, our goal has never changed -- "We provide the highest quality product at the lowest price available, without compromising good old-fashioned customer service". Many "dotcom"-type businesses have failed, but ours has been successful because we deliver premium-quality product @ GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES, & we accomplish this without sacrificing personal attention to our valued customers.

We also maintain a "brick & mortar" showroom you can visit! If you wish to speak to a living, breathing person, simply call us TOLL-FREE (1.866.737.2253) during business hours.
Our main office is located in San Diego, California. .  San Diego city license # SD81009307.

2) "Is my ONLINE order secure?"

Answer #2: YES!
Please visit our 'Consumer Privacy Policy Page' for an explanation regarding your security concerns.

3) "Do you sell customer names to outside marketing companies?"

Answer #3: NO!
Please visit our 'Consumer Privacy Policy Page' for an explanation regarding your security concerns.

4) "I saw the same scale at a competitor website and it cost much more than you sell it for. How do you sell product at such a low price? What's the gimmick?"

Answer #4: Good question, and our most common! (Many of our customers have asked that same question -- & we understand how you also might be "suspicious" of our low prices) Well, there are no gimmicks. We sell only high-quality product (the same products you find at the large catalog companies), however at low profit margins. We are able to accomplish this by carefully controlling our "overhead" costs & by high-volume selling. We simply pass the savings on to our customers! ALL products are sold BRAND NEW and are protected by the respective manufacturer's warranty.

5) "How long does it take to ship after I order?"

Answer #5: Generally, products ship the same or next business day after receipt of order. (However, we can not guarantee a product will ship the same day under any circumstances.) On occasion, a product may require special ordering (which may take a few extra days to ship). You will be notified via e-mail if this occurs.

6) "Where do products ship from?"

Answer #6: Products typically ship from California, New Jersey, Georgia, or Ohio (depends on inventory/stock). If you have a specific concern regarding the shipping (origin) point of your order, please call or E-Mail us. If you prefer to send an E-Mail directly to our Customer Service Dept., please use this address  >>   customerservice@discountscales.com

7) "How much does shipping cost & can you ship 'COD'?"

Answer #7: Virtually all products ship FREE via 'GROUND' shipping, however additional shipping charges might apply for heavy scales or shipments to Alaska and Hawaii. AT THE PRESENT TIME, our ONLINE ordering process only permits 'GROUND' shipping (meaning, there is no option provided to upgrade the shipping method). If you wish to have expedited shipping, please call us Toll-Free: 1.866.737.2253. Shipping outside the United States requires special consideration/handling. Contact us via our CONTACT FORM for specific rates & other information regarding shipments outside the USA. Sorry, we do not ship 'Cash on Delivery' ('COD')

8) "What shipping carrier do you use?"

Answer #8: Typically, we use United Parcel Service®, however we may be able to assist in using alternative carriers. We typically only use the United States Postal Service when a P.O. BOX is the delivery address. An extra fee may be required if we ship via the post office. Additional shipping charges might apply for heavy scales or shipments to Alaska and Hawaii

9) "I prefer tracking my shipments. How can I request a tracking #?"

Answer #9: In many cases, we e-mail the tracking # to you when the product ships. If you do not receive a tracking # within 1-2 business (M-F) days of the shipping date, please e-mail your query via Our Contact Form

10) "Do you deliver on weekends?"

Answer #10: Our published shipping rates are based on M-F deliveries. If you require a Saturday delivery, please call TOLL-FREE 1.866.737.2253 so we may assist you. You can also E-Mail us for a specific rate.

11) "If I order my product shipped 'Next Day', will I receive my product tomorrow?"

Answer #11: Please contact us Toll-Free (1.866.737.2253) to order any product for Next Day delivery. We will then be able to tell you if the product will be able to ship "today".

12) "Will my order include a receipt?"

Answer #12: If an order is placed online, a "virtual" receipt is generated. A receipt is also e-mailed to the e-mail address you provide when placing the order. We strongly encourage you to print-out any viewable receipt. A packing slip is included with each shipped order. If the order is placed by any other means (ie.: via telephone, Fax, etc.), a conventional "hardcopy" invoice/receipt is mailed to the credit card 'billing address'.

13)"Do you charge sales tax?"

Answer #13:  California customers incur applicable sales tax WHEN ORDERING ONLINE. PLEASE NOTE: Regardless of how we tax (or not tax) sales, you may still be responsible to pay a 'use tax' in your local state or municipality. We recommend consulting your local authorities regarding tax laws that may affect you.

14) "Does my product include a warranty?"

Answer #14: All products are protected by the respective manufacturer warranty. The duration & conditions of the parts & labor warranty vary. Most (but not all) Ohaus® products have a 2-year parts/labor factory warranty. MOST A&D® products have a 5-yr. limited parts & labor warranty. Please contact the respective manufacturer for details:

Ohaus® Corp.:
A&D® Weighing: http://www.andweighing.com
Adam® Equipment: http://www.adamequipment.com

Did you know we have been an authorized A&D® dealer for nearly 30-years, AND have been a leading Authorized Ohaus® Dealer for over 30-years?

15) "What do I do if my product requires repair or if I require troubleshooting help?"

Answer #15: All products are protected by the manufacturer's factory warranty. A potential repair may be covered under the warranty. We recommend contacting the manufacturer directly, HOWEVER we can usually assist if any concerns arise regarding repair or troubleshooting. We are an 'Authorized Ohaus® & A&D® Repair Facility', however our technicians can repair most brand scales.

16) "What is your Return Policy?"

Answer #16: Please visit our 'Shipping & Returns Policy Page'

17) "Can I just order by phone, or call a toll-free number if I simply have a question?"

Answer #17: Indeed, we welcome your call (Toll-Free: 1.866.737.2253) whether you wish to place an order or simply ask a question. Products cost the same whether you order online or via telephone.

18) "Can I visit your office to examine and/or buy a product?"

Answer #18: Absolutely! Many of our published products are available at our showroom in San Diego, California. Please call TOLL-FREE (1.866.737.2253) before traveling here to ensure the product you are interested in is in stock.

19) "Do you publish customer testimonials?"

Answer #19: We recognize a customer referral is considered very valuable & we respect your interest or concern about us and our service integrity. While we do not publish a list of customer referrals, we do accept & publish product reviews & feedback. Product reviews can be submitted by clicking a 'Submit a Product Review' button found on individual product pages. General feedback can be submitted using the 'Give Us Your Feedback' button found in the right-margin area of all pages. Personal details (including full name & contact information) of customers that provide product reviews and/or feedback remain confidential! Suffice to say, in order for us to prosper since 1929, (since 1994 on the web) we must be doing something right!

20) "Do you sell simple postal or bathroom scales?"

Answer #20: We do NOT sell postal or bathroom scales. Basic postal scales can be purchased at the local office supply store -- bathroom scales from a local department, or discount retail store.

21) "My Shipping address is different than my credit card billing address. Is that a problem?

Answer #21:  Typically, "No!". However, verification of billing & shipping addresses are reviewed & it is at our discretion to ship product regardless.

22) "Does your company extend credit terms to companies?"

Answer #22: We can extend payment terms to qualified companies, hospitals, educational & government institutions.
Please review our Online Credit Application (Adobe Acrobat® ".pdf" format) for details.

If you have questions regarding the process, please call or E-Mail us via our CONTACT FORM.

23) "Do you sell wholesale or can I get a price break if I order more than one scale?"

Answer #23: If your company qualifies, we can establish sub-dealer, "wholesale" terms. Most products qualify for 'Quantity Discounts'. Please E-Mail our Sales Dept. with your specific request.

24) "What are your operating hours?"

Answer #24:  Our Operating Hours

25) "I just ordered a scale, but now I've decided to cancel the order! What do I do?"

Answer #25: If you just placed an order and need to cancel, it is your responsibility to contact us as soon as possible. You will be unable to cancel the order if it has already shipped. Arrangements will need to be made to return the product to us or the manufacturer. Please review our 'Shipping & Returns Policy Page'

26) "Do you sell "used" equipment, or rent scales?"

Answer #26: Occasionally we have "used" equipment for sale. They are typically documented at our USED SCALES PAGE. In most cases you will need to call us to order such a product. There will be absolutely no doubt when you are ordering "used" equipment, because these items are clearly identified. We DO provide various-type rental scales.
Please inquire via our CONTACT FORM or give us a call! (1.866.737.2253)

27) "Do you sell to customers from outside the United States?"

Answer #27: In most cases, we can ship products outside the USA. There are exceptions which are typically dictated by international shipping laws. However, we do not accept international orders via our ONLINE shopping cart. We do not list shipping costs, which are specially calculated for each order. Additionally, ALL orders placed from outside the USA (and shipping outside the USA) require pre-payment via bank wire transfer only. Sorry, there are no exceptions. A wire transfer fee may be charged. To inquire about shipping cost of a specific product to a specific country or ask general questions, please use our 'Contact Form'.

28) "Can you ship to a P.O. Box?"

Answer #28: Most scales can ship to a P.O. Box, however there may be a delay processing the order and will likely have a different (higher) ship rate. If the scale is being paid for with a credit card, we can only ship to the P.O. Box IF the P.O. box address is the 'Billing Address' of the credit card.

29) "Can you ship 'Freight Collect' using our UPS®, FEDEX®, DHL Express® (or any shipping carrier) account number?"

Answer #29: In most cases, we are able to ship collect using your carrier account #. However, an extra 'handling charge' may be applied to your invoice. You will need to contact us to place a "freight collect" order. We reserve the right to refuse any collect shipments. Sorry, NO COD's.

30) "Are the scales you sell pre-factory calibrated?"

Answer #30: Virtually all scales we sell are pre-factory calibrated. (We suggest contacting us to ask if a specific model is not pre-calibrated) Another words, they are designed to be used "right out of the box". HOWEVER, any digital scale can incur minute mechanical variations during transit. Therefore, we always recommend (and so do most manufacturers) calibrating the scale upon receipt. Some scales include a 'calibration weight', which enables even a novice user to calibrate the scale on-site. Most scales however, do NOT include the optional calibration weight (or 'mass set'). Because conditions of transit are not within our control, we are unable to "guarantee" a scale arrives perfectly calibrated, and can not incur costs related to such. Either a calibration weight is included with the scale, or an optional calibration weight is either offered or available for most models. Excluding factory defect, which is typically handled by the respective factory warranty, DISCOUNTscales.COM/San Diego Scale Co. and its vendors/suppliers are to be held harmless regarding this issue. We suggest contacting a local scale repair dealer (refer to your local telephone directory under the heading 'scales') to calibrate the scale if the user elects not to purchase a calibration weight(s).

31) "What does 'NSF' mean on FOOD Scales?"

Answer #31: NSF is an acronym of the 'National Sanitation Foundation'. This organization is responsible for verifying safety protocol of many products used around food. Most equipment used in food preparation businesses require NSF certification, which is denoted by the NSF Mark printed on the product. More Information @ http://www.nsf.org

32) "What does 'NTEP' represent on a scale?"

Answer #32: NTEP is an acronym for the 'National Type Evaluation Program ', and is a registered trademark of the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM). It is a governing symbol, which represents recognition that the device type has demonstrated the capability of meeting the requirements of NIST Handbook 44, Specifications, Tolerances and Other Technical Requirement for Weighing and Measuring Devices and the NCWM, NTEP, Publication 14, Technical Policy, Checklists and Test Procedures for Weighing Devices, Measuring Devices and Grain Analyzers. The development of the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) provides manufacturers the ability to be evaluated and certified one time with acceptance throughout the United States. Such products are denoted by the NTEP logo/Mark printed on the product. More Information @ http://www.ncwm.net.

33) "Do you sell gift certificates?"

Answer #33:  We sure do. Just visit our Gift Certificate Page to purchase.

34) "Do people really ask this many questions?!"

Answer #34: Indeed, we receive many questions from customers -- and we welcome them! We understand that many questions arise out of curiosity, concern, or a simple need to know. We answer all your questions to the best of our knowledge. If we don't have the initial answer, we will research until we find one. (Or we'll refer you to someone who does know the answer)