A&D Static Eliminator; Model AD1683

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A&D Static Eliminator; Model AD1683

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A&D Static Eliminator; Model AD1683


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A&D® Static Eliminator; Model AD1683

The AD-1683 generates bipolar ions continuously by DC corona discharge separately from positive and negative discharge electrodes and directs the ionized air onto the charged body to eliminate static electricity. The generated ionsare well-balanced in polarity and can eliminate static electricity regardless of the polarity of the charged body.

Static Electricity:
Generally, insulators such as plastics are prone to be charged with static electricity when the ambient relative humidity is below 45% RH. This may affect weighing and cause a measurement error of several milligrams. The AD-1683 can eliminate static electricity very effectively.

Static Eliminating Method DC corona discharge (Bipolar)
Elimination Range Distance: Approx. 10 cm to 30 cm from the electrode.
Area: 30x30 cm from the electode. (See Figure 2.)
Elimination Performance When Charged 5kV:
Distance 10cm 20cm 30cm 50cm
Elimination Time

1 sec

4 sec 15 sec 70 sec
Ambient Temperature & Humidity Ozone Concentration 0°C to 40°C, 80% RH or less
Positive discharge pin: 0.07PPM
Negative discharge pin: 0.25PPM
(Measured at a distance of 1cm from each discharge pin.)
Power Supply AC adapter. Please confirm that the AC adapter type is correct for your local voltage and receptacle type.
Power Consumption Approx. 1.5 VA
Discharge Electrode Pin Tungsten (0.9 x 17mm), Life Approx. 10000 hrs.
Weight Approx. 0.66 lb. (including stand)

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